Campus & Facilities

The total size of the campus is about 7.08 acres and the buildings with a total of 22,900m2(1acre=6.07mu).

The design of the school demonstrates an integration of architecture and art perfectly.

The architecture group, which decorated the Beijing Olympic center, followed our vision for a 21st century educational facility. The design of the space, the materials chosen all show allow for the importance of nature and harmony. The environment is conducive to assisting children to improve their ability to appreciate  art subconsciously.

There are more than 10,000 books in our bilingual library, which are suitable for each level, both in Chinese and English.

We own a unique handmade wood workshop, where the children can explore the logic and method of how the machines operate, enjoy the achievement of creating their own wooden work using the natural fragrance of wood.

Our facilities include:a 24-hour thermostatic swimming pool、net province with spray、a golf training center and the Angel Plant Research Center,all of which support the children’s growth and development.

The environment we provide supports the interaction between students and the space.