Our Angel students enjoy a vast green environment where they enjoy a mixture of academic, social and emotion and physical education.

Our balanced Physical Education program allows every child to participate in a variety of fine and gross motor skills activities.

Angel Kindergarten blends a mixture of Western and Chinese outside sporting activities instructed in both Chinese and English.

Our immersive, bilingual approach to education prepares lays the foundation for our children to be citizens of the world.


Angels are our children from nature.  Our next generation shall grow to express themselves with confidence and freedom.

At Angel Kindergarten, all of our learners are encouraged, nurtured, respected and cared for.

Our students flourish in the beautiful and serene environment that is second to none, growing to appreciate themselves, others and their surroundings


Our professional teachers and administrators encourage and dedicate their time towards guiding our Angels to learn elegant manners and have excellent habits that will endure for the rest of their lives.

All of our Angels actively use polite language, master Western and Chinese dining etiquette, love life, and have elegant manners.

Our little gentlemen and ladies are the pride of our community.


Angels explore the natural mysteries in our small farm.  They begin to understand how the world works.

In the woodwork workshop, they create projects and art using a variety of tools. Every learner, experiences a sense of accomplishment and joy.

Angels are full of curiosity and explore every corner in the surrounding classrooms, hallways and grounds.

Angels are respectful and caring and grow to understand the importance of the relationship between people and the environment.


Angels have the most powerful and absorbent minds. They are inquisitive learners who inquire and have a thirst for knowledge that knows no bounds.

Under the guidance of our expert staff, Angels become independent learners who achieve their goals.

Angels are challenged to be problem solvers and in our fostering environment gradually develop the ability to organize, collaborate and inquire, laying a solid foundation to be active, lifelong learners.