Approach To Learn

Angelteacher’s carefully plan lessons that recognize each child’s unique cognitiveand psychological features.  A variety ofstimulating experiences based on play, academics and exploration ensure thatthe children learn the skills necessary for daily life. Our excellent teachersmodel life long learning and facilitate the skills, activities and learningthat are differentiated to cater for each individual student. Our diverse rangeof Foreign Teachers from a range of English speaking countries, create a trulyvivid and stimulating use of bilingual learning for our children.

Small-sized Class Teaching

Small-sizedclasses ensure that the teacher has the sufficient time and energy to observeevery child, tracking the development of every child. Students are given theopportunity to explore their individual strengths.  Through one to one attention, group work,conferencing, observations and positive reinforcement every child is guided toreach their potential, 

Immersion Bilingual Teaching

ExcellentForeign Teachers from around the world, use the most progressive teachingstrategies, teaching vocabulary, sentences, speaking and listening through gamebased activities and a structured phonics programme. This creates a natural,vivid and immersive bilingual learning environment for children. All of ourAngels, master two languages and confidently use them to express theirthoughts, feelings and ideas.  Throughthe gradual mastery of two languages they also experience the value ofdifferent cultures and perspectives from China and the Western world.