Summer Camp

Summer Camp Theme TOPIC 1

English Drama Summer Camp

English drama performance is a comprehensive art course covering literature, music, art and communication. It is a way of learning different froms of composition and blends action with oral and visual English skills。

The children who love art and culture are going to enter this summer study programme:

1. Drama performance

2. Stage scene creation and fashion design

3. Appreciation of music and dance

4. English script reading

5. Team work and independence

Children will open the door to English, drama, music and dance in variety of exciting and challenging ways.

Summer Camp Theme Topic 2

Planting Summer Camp  


The Angel planting summer camp course is based on science, language, communication and child psychology.

Childrenwill gain in-depth knowledge about living things from their surrondings. When nature is taken as a student’s learning material children’s curiousity and sense of adventure come to the fore.

The Students who love this course will step into these following topics:

1. Scientific planting and exploration

2. Art

3. Themed music and dance

4. Building a simulated species world

5. Play interesting PE games

What are the features about Angel's Summer Camp?

Foreign teachers will stay with students the whole day.

Children can release their endless energy in a cheerful atmosphere this summer.

The English drama summer camp: learning drama and acting. Kids will learn English in a new way.

Planting summer camp:  an unprecedented  and in-depth exploration of planting in a scientific way.

As well as the core themes, the children will have a lot of fun joining in the special activities, such as water fountain party, the sand pit party and a closing ceremony.